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Nurse.com Nurse Salary Research Report
Ensure your organization remains competitive while recruiting and retaining top nursing talent. Our 2020 nursing research report helps you understand the differences in nurse salary, benefits, employment and education of various nurse segments across the U.S. Download the free report today.
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The average salary for respondents in our survey
Percentage of RNs considering additional education, training or certification to boost their salaries
Percentage of respondents who would consider relocating to another state for a job
49% percent of respondents are either actively or passively looking for a new role
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Did you know the top benefit nurses desire that they do not have are bonuses, followed by tuition reimbursement, paid continuing education and profit sharing? Watch this video to learn about other perks that matter too.
Nurse Salary Research Report Findings


The cost of nurse turnover can have a huge impact on an organization’s profit margin. It can cost thousands of dollars to replace just one nurse. Salary is the No. 1 compensation factor related to job satisfaction for nursing professionals. They want to know their total compensation packages are comparable to colleagues with similar professional backgrounds. As a recruitment professional, you need to remain competitive, so your organization can attract top talent and retain staff. Keeping up on salary trends is a good way to ensure you’re offering an enticing mix of wages, benefits and other perks.
Our comprehensive research report gives you the necessary information to take a hard look at wage scales and determine if your organization is on target or needs to make some changes. We conducted the salary and benefits survey from February through May 2020. The online survey was completed by 7,431 nursing professionals nationwide, including RNs, APRNs, and LPNs. Nurses from all 50 states participated. Many outside factors, such as budgetary constraints and the economy, can influence nurse salaries. And this current data can help guide your hiring practices and strategies.


Our report answers the following questions:
• Are nurses across the country satisfied with their jobs?
• Are nurses seeking higher degrees or working on certification to boost their earning potential?
• Are you offering nurses the benefits they desire most?
We compare our data to that of other qualified reports by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau. Plus, we break down the data by gender, race, state, specialty, education and role to give you a detailed picture on the nation’s salary outlook.
The next time you interview potential new hires, you will feel confident you’re making them an offer they can’t refuse.
What are you waiting for? Get the latest salary and benefits information straight from thousands of nursing professionals.
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