• 55% have bachelor’s degrees

  • 20+ years job experience

  • $67,000 average annual salary

  • 92% female

  • 54% actively seeking jobs

  • 47 years average age

  • 62% work in hospitals

  • 44% use social media for networking

  • $100,000-$150,000 annual HHI

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Gallup polls rank nursing the No. 1 trusted profession every year for the past 16 years.



One-quarter of nurses have worked in their profession for more than 20 years.



85% of nurses hold an associate or higher in nursing; 49% of all nurses plan to pursue higher degrees.



Nearly half of RNs intend to extend their education by becoming certified in a specialty.



RNs are being called upon to play a vital role in a transforming American healthcare system.